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Hookah Furs
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Welcome to Hookah Furs!

This community is aimed towards furries who enjoy smoking hookah to share information about hookahs, the different flavored tobaccos, the equipment, convention meet-ups and things like that.

Membership to this community is open to anyone, however there are a few rules of course to make sure everything runs smoothly:

  1. This is the big one. No harassment of other members will be tolerated.
  2. Posts do not have to be strictly hookah related, however excessively off topic posts will be deleted. You can advertise other communities here, however, please ask yourself whether or not it might be of interest to people here.
  3. Pictures are okay, however please do the following if you post a picture.

    1. Make sure that it is below 600 pixels wide and a reasonable filesize. Using <img src="whatever" width=600> will rescale the image but it will NOT resize it, meaning posting that 1900x1200, 1.1MB picture will still be a bad idea. ;)
    2. One or two photo-size images are okay, any more than that and you must LJ-cut it. Remember a lot of people are still on dial up and even on broadband connections loading a lot of images can take a lot of time.
    3. Pictures with adult content must always go behind an LJ-cut with warning text on it.
    4. No pictures with illegal content.

  4. Have fun :)

When you join please feel free to introduce yourself to the community and tell us about your interest in hookahs and a little about yourself. :)

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